Press, Reviews, and Quotes:

“ ‘Awakening’ is a strong start to what will certainly be a significant career.”- Scott Yanow, Jazz Critic/Writer- L.A. Jazz Scene

 “Emily is a beautiful singer. It’s a joy to know that we have beautiful, young, and talented singers keepin’ this incredible music alive…” - Sheila Jordan, Jazz Vocalist 


“Awakening is the triumphant musical union of mentor and up-and-coming vocal protege in Emily Mazzella  .. Beneath the modern sound melding with echoes of the past, is the story of surviving a global pandemic, reaching for the proverbial dream and staying true to an American art form that keeps on getting better. Essentially, Emily combines forces with the grand veteran Lonnie Leibowitz to construct an evolved, yet velvety sound that is fresh and sure to move all listeners to want more from this young artist with a very long career ahead. Bravo.” - Joe Dimino, Host & Creator of Neon Jazz Radio in Kansas City, Missouri


"Powerful... Uncontainable joy!"- Alexis Cole, Vocalist